CSA: Preparing for the new standard in Computerized Systems compliance.

Part of the series: Bridging the Gap from Molecule to Market

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Best Practices in CSV & Transitioning to CSA.

Working towards GMP? Learn which of your computer systems require validation, which do not, how to implement this process successfully, and the key deliverables according to the upcoming CSA. 
This webinar is aimed at sharing best practices and insights into launching a computer system in your (almost) GxP company. Additionally, you will learn about the FDA-draft guidance that will stimulate critical thinking and the transition to Computer Software Assurance.To help you on your way, we will also share a checklist during the webinar to assist your efforts in CSV and the transition toward CSA.
Some topics we will discuss in the second half (CSA):
  • How does CSV differ from CSA
  • How to prepare for CSA
  • Risk-based approach to CSA
  • Transitioning to CSA
Presentation by
Bart Degroote - Senior CSV Expert

50 minutes

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